18 June 2011


BEAUTERUNWAY was invited to FENDI FATTO A MANO (made by hand in Italian) for the Future design grand showcase at the FENDI boutique at Takashimaya Shopping Centre to witness FENDI craftsman and artisan, Stefanus and Singaporean designer and artist, Donna Ong working on the first Fatto a Mano For The Future event in South East Asia, following a series of successful features in London, New York, Rome, Milan, Seoul and Hangzhou.

FENDI Fatto a Mano Harrods London 11-12 March

The collaboration between the Fendi artisans and the various designers represents a merging of heritage and future in a world of tradition and experimentation, emphasizes creativity with function and research shown clearly in fashion and design.

Fendi Fatto a Mano for the Future Milan Rowan Mersh

I love the vibrant colours of  Fendi’s Famous Selleria leather. The ultra buttery soft Selleria leather texture is derived through a special treatment process using dedicated hand made artisanal craftsmanship at Fendi artisan workshop.

FENDI Rome Simon Hasan & Fendi Artisan

Fendi craftsman Stefanus and Donna Ong worked together in tandem at FENDI Takashimaya Shopping Centre Boutique to create a conceptual art piece with Italian and Peranakan influence using Fendi’s Famous Selleria leather in different shades starting from FENDI discarded materials. This involves sewing the buttery soft Selleria leather using dedicated hand made artisanal craftsmanship onto the masterpiece.

Fendi Fatto A Manno Singapore by Donna Ong and Stefanus

Fendi Selleria leather in colourful hues are cut into circular, rectangle, hexagon, oval and various shapes and hand sewn stitch by stitch individually on the light brown Fendi Selleria leather shaped like a cow to create colour contrast texture and designs including summer butterflies and flowers of Peranakan influence.

Fendi Singapore Fatto A Manno Italian summerGold, Yellow and Tan leather are cut into strips, squares, rectangles and circles and sewn onto the main piece of leather to form the outline of a cow.

Fendi Fatto A Manno Singapore  tools

Fendi Artisan Stefanus sewing the butterfly delicately onto Fendi Fatto A Mano for the Future Singapore conceptual art piece.

             Fendi Singapore Fatto A Manno Artisan Fendi Singapore Fatto A Manno  Stefanus and BeauteRunwayFendi Singapore Fatto A Manno peranakan influences

Fendi Fatto A Mano for the Future Masterpiece in Singapore by Stefanus and Donna Ong at the end of six day of installation art. I am loving this gorgeous piece of conceptual art piece with local flavour and extremely glad that i was able to witness the journey of creating this masterpiece from 26th to 31st May at Fendi Singapore.

Fendi Singapore Fatto A Mano


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