28 February 2011


NANAIRO S$2 Shop at Liang Court Singapore is similar to DAISO, the popular S$2 shop but on a smaller scale. Nanairo sells a variety of cosmetics, nail polishes, hair accessories, personal grooming products, iPhone 4 screen protectors, food, snacks, stationery,toys, games, knicks knacks, storage and household goods.

Nanairo Liang Court SingaporeNanairo S$2 shop Liang Court

At Nanairo S$2 shop, I purchased 4 eyeshadow palettes and 2 nail polish. The no frills clear plastic packaging is similar to drugstore brands and the products are made in Japan.

Nanairo Eyeshadows  Japan Nail polish Liang Court SIngapore
Nanairo KiraKira Eyeshadows in Purple Variation Quad  #06 and Green Variation Quad #03
Nanairo Eyeshadows  Japan Purple variation Kirakira Liang Court SIngaporeNanairo Eyeshadows Green Blue  Japan Kirakira Liang Court SIngapore
NANAIRO Wet eyeshadow quad and LC 12 colour pastel palette.
Nanairo Eyeshadows  Quad Liang Court SIngaporeNanairo Eyeshadows  LJ12 colours  Liang Court SIngapore
NANAIRO Nail Polish Nanairo Nail Polish Japan Kirakira Liang Court SIngapore NANAIRO the S$2 Shop is located at Liang Court, Basement Unit B1-07 and is open from 10am to 10pm daily.


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