11 February 2011


FreshKon® Mosaic Cosmetic Lenses with its fashionable yet natural colours that enhance, emphasize and beautify your eyes for daily wear is an unanimous choice for professional make-up artists. The incomparable FreshKon Mosaic Lenses with its unique, hyper-real POINTILLA pattern creates an elegant, charming and fashionable touch instantly with its natural-looking Velvet Blue, Charming Brown, Luscious Green and Urban Grey designed to meet superior comfort and clear vision with power ranges as wide as –0.00D (Plano lenses for Perfect Eyesight) to –10.00D for monthly wear.

FreshKon Mosaic Lenses
At FreshKon® Mosaic Lookbook Beauty Affair Media Presentation held at The Substation, three leading make-up professionals, Grego, Christine Yong and Jace Ang created stunning, yet easy-to-wear make-up styles with FreshKon® Mosaic cosmetic lenses showcasing how cosmetics lenses are matched with the latest makeup trends as part of a beauty regimen to suit all styles and occasions for everyday wear.

Christine Yong, GREGO, Jace AngFreshKon Mosaic Lenses Beauty Affair

FreshKon Mosaic Lenses allows its wearer to captivate their beholders with “Just One Look” in four defined and natural colors:
  • Enchant with Charming Brown for an irresistible and warmth personality
  • Impress with Urban Grey 100% sheer class and easy to wear day and night for a mesmerizing gaze.
  • Inspire with Velvet Blue to enhance the cool beauty of every feature on the face
  • Attract in Luscious Green and deliver that extra-radiant chic and utterly captivating impression
GREGO – CELEBRITY MAKE-UP GURU  : Stylish Office for FreshKon® Mosaic Luscious Green

“To be the centre of attention at work, FreshKon Mosaic cosmetic lenses are the answer! These simple fashion accessories provide us with the versatility to instantly change our eye colors and create any look we want while having great fun. Everyone should empower themselves and embrace change as they are their own artist!”

Grego FreshKon Mosaic Luscious Green Chanel EyeshadowGrego FreshKon Mosaic Luscious Green Eyeliner Grego FreshKon Mosaic Luscious Green Line Lower Lashes Grego FreshKon Mosaic Luscious Green

CHRISTINE YONG - Glamorous Night for FreshKon® Mosaic Urban Grey
“FreshKon Mosaic cosmetic lenses are very natural and add that extra sparkle to the eyes. The colors are easy to match with any outfit and should definitely be part of one’s daily “must-haves” or beauty collection to achieve the modern look”
FreshKon Urban Grey - Christine YongFreshKon Urban Grey - Christine Yong

JACE ANG - Romantic Bridal for FreshKon® Mosaic Velvet Blue.
“FreshKon Mosaic cosmetic lenses add color to the eyes and one can use them to match the clothes or mood and allow anyone to look their best. With the four fashionable and natural colors available, these lenses are a perfect style accessory. By simply changing one’s eye color, it's a great way to create a complete makeover for yourself with stunning results,”

FreshKon Velvet Blue Jace Ang FreshKon Velvet Blue Jace Ang
FreshKon® Mosaic Lookbook will compile the make-up professionals’ looks and aims at being a fashion and beauty style guide illustrating how to create a captivating ‘Just One Look’ with FreshKon® Mosaic cosmetic lenses to suit all styles and occasions for everyday wear.

FreshKon Mosaic Lenses Beauty Affair  at The Substation
FreshKon® also launched a nationwide competition in search of its “FreshKon® Mosaic Lookbook Make-up Artist 2011”. You can now view the various FreshKon Mosaic Palettes submitted by the 42 participating make-up artists on FreshKon Facebook page: www.facebook.com/FreshKon.Singapore (under FreshKon Mosaic pictures)
The masterpieces of 8 shortlisted make-up artists will be uploaded shortly for the public to vote for their preferred looks. 4 winners will be selected where the grand prize winner will receive the title of “FreshKon® Mosaic Lookbook Make-up Artist 2011”, a cash prize of S$1,000 and 2 years supply of FreshKon® products worth S$1,000. The three finalists will each receive a cash prize of S$500 and 1 year supply of FreshKon® products worth S$500. All 4 winners’ Mosaic Palettes also stand a chance to be included in the Mosaic Lookbook along with an online feature on the FreshKon® website and Facebook account.

FreshKon Mosaic Lenses
FreshKon® Mosaic Lenses recommended retail price is S$38 for a pair of monthly disposable contact lenses. Plano Lenses (Zero Degree) are also available are those blessed with perfect eyesight. Visit www.freshkon.com for more information.


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