11 October 2010


CLINELLE – It is no secret that beautiful smooth clear complexion is healthy skin. Clinelle embraces the philopshy that properly nourished and protected skin reveals a happy face. Say hello to Clean Clear Radiant Glowing Skin !
  Clinelle Happy Faceclinelle Happy SmileClinelle Happy Skin
Clinelle, a trusted and recognized brand since 2005 is a Professional Skinalist that synergises cutting-edge Research and Development with advanced formulations from the USA, UK and Switzerland. Using 100% botanical extracts, vitamins and natural essential oils, Clinelle created a formulation free from the 6 common ingredients known to irritate skin. The result? Clean and clear skin that glows with the radiance of health.
Clinelle - Happy Skin Happy People 
6 Secrets to Happy Skin – Effectively provide protection against skin irritations, clogged pores, dehydration, allergies, reducing skin sensitization and breakouts
  • NO Mineral Oil,
  • NO SD-Alcohol
  • NO Lanolin
  • NO Comedogenic Ingredients
  • NO Artificial Fragrance
  • NO Artificial Colouring
 Clinelle Professional Skincare
Clinelle Product Range
  • Dermatologist-tested Envinix™ System,
  • Uses RX3 Action™ to REPAIR, REFINE & RESHIELD Skin
  • Quality Botanical Ingredients, Vitamins and Essential Oils
  • Effective yet Affordable
  • Made In France
  • Balanced range of products that is effective yet gentle on skin
  • Suitable even for sensitive and acne-prone skin, men and women
  • Colour coded for easy reference – Green : Essential Care, Red : Anti Ageing, Gray : Whitening, Blue : Blemish Care, Yellow : UV protection, Pink : Cosmetic

At Clinelle Bloggers Event held at Heart Bistro, Palais Renaissance last Tuesday, Clinelle introduces the various colour coded skincare range with a brand new modern packaging and tagline – Happy Skin, Happy Face.
Clinelle Product RangeClinelle Product Range

The focus was the introduction of 3 new products in the Blemish Range and Whitening Range - Blemish Clear Mask and Black Head control gel and Brightening Serum.

Clinelle Blemish Clear Mask, Brightening Serum and Black head control gel
Clinelle Blemish Clear Mask 50ml - S$39.90
       Clinelle Blemish MaskClinelle Blemish Mask Close up
  • Formulated with green Lllite and white Kaolin clay to draw out impurities,toxins and oil
  • Oleanic Acid, Rose and Orange Essential Oil to control sebum secretion, tightens pores and exfoliate dead skin cells, Nordihyroguairetic Acid to prevent thickening of outer layer of skin
  • Repair - Alpha Bisabol, Covafresh IV, Orange Essential Oil to repair and accelerate skin’s healing process and refines skin
  • Refine – AC.NET, Kaolin
  • Reshield - Nab Rhodiola Extract , a powerful anti-oxidant to reshield skin blemish inflamed skin and defend against further acne attacks, Calm Inflammation and clear acne congestion
Clinelle Black Head Control Gel 15ml - S$25.90
Clinelle Blackhead Control Gel
  • Prevent the thickening of the outer layer of skin that causes blocked pores.
  • Repair - Alpha Bisabol to target against blackheads
  • Refine - Nordihyroguairetic Acid Oleanolic Acid, Cuivridone to reduce cell damage, regulate sebum secretion and reduce pore size
  • Reshield – Orange and Geranium Essential Oil to restore skin and stimulate cell renewal functions
Clinelle Brightening Serum 20ml - S$35.90
                          Clinelle brightening serum Clinelle Brightening Serum close up
  • Brighten,hydrate, nourish and protect your skin
  • Repair- Belides, Daily Flower Extract to inhibit melanin synthesis, even out skin tone and replenish hydration
  • Refine – Melaslow Complex, Cristalhyal Vitamin B7 to brighten up skin,maintain skin elastic structure, regulate skin for healthy looking soft smooth skin
  • Reshield – Vitamin E, an anti0oxidant to reduce free radicals, strengthen skin barrier and shield from environment hazards
3 Essential Steps for Happy Skin - Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing twice daily
Clinelle Cleanse. Tone and MoisturizeClinelle cleanser
Cleanse – Proper cleansing to remove makeup, impurities, debris for clean clear complexion
  • Tone – Firm up your skin and minimize any open pores
  • Moisturize – Plump up and moisturize your skin for soft smooth supple skin
  • Nourish your eyes and lips with Eye cream and Lip Balm
  • Protect your skin with UV defense sun block
  • Weekly Exfoliation and Masks
Clinelle Product Trainer, Jasmine demonstrates the 3 Essential Steps

Cleanse : Squeeze an appropriate amount of Clinelle Deep Cleansing Gel for normal to oily skin or Clinelle Caring Milk Cleanser for normal to dry skin. As a general rule, a 20 cents coin size is enough for your whole face. Start from your forehead, cheeks, nose and finally chin.

Clinelle Cleansing Step 1Clinelle Cleansing Step 2Clinelle Cleansing Step 3

Tone : Clinelle Purifying Toner for oily/combination skin that is 100% alcohol-free to hydrates and softens skin and Clinelle Skin Soothing Toner for normal to dry skin to revive dry and dull complexion. Pour generously onto a cotton pad, pat the toner onto your skin then swipe in upwards motion

Eye Care :Clinelle Eye Bright, a multifunctional eye cream to target eye concerns and helps prevent signs of aging. Squeeze a small amount of eye cream and use your fourth finger to apply it on your eye area. Gently massage in using light tapping motions from the outer eye inwards.

Clinelle Eye BrightClinelle Eye Care application and massage of Eye BrightClinelle Eye Care application and massage of Eye Bright 2 

Jasmine advised to use Clinelle Brightening Serum, Moisture Boaster Essence or Line Erase and Brightening Concentrate before using Moisture Glow or Intense Skin Moisturizer before UV Defense SPF and Lip Solution SPF36  for the day. For weekly treatment, use a Skin Smoothing Scrub, Blemish Clear Mask or SnoWhite Mask.

Clinelle Skincare CleansingClinelle Special care
Instructions on usage is stated on the top inner flap, pretty neat idea !
Clinelle Happy Skin Happy Face

A 3-course Dinner was served. Heart Bistro Tenderloin is always so good although the serving might across as small. The lime sorbet is refreshing and i love the heart shaped tea cup and the handmade cookies.

Clinelle Skincare Event at Heart BistroHeart Bistro TenderloinFresh fruit with lime sorbetEnglish Breakfast Tea
Clinelle especially brought in a Skin Check Machine to see ‘How Happy Is Your Skin Today’. Basically, there are cameras in the machine to look at different angles and parts of your face to determine if there are any pigmentations, open pores, hydration level, texture of your skin, oil secretion etc. Clinelle also engaged a caricaturist for our Clinelle Happy Skin Happy Face caricature. Thank you Clinelle for the invite and warm hospitality.

Visit Clinelle for Happy Skin Happy Face results. Clinelle is available at ALT Heeren, Robinsons, John Little, Watsons, Guardians and selected pharmacies.

Clinelle Skincare Recommendations

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