16 December 2009


TrichoKare, the renowned hair centre using only European herbs, invited me for a hair & scalp analysis and suitable treatments. So what’s a girl to do but to accept the invitation!
Nestled only a stone’s throw away from the heart of the city at Wheelock Place (#05-09A),  TrichoKare’s flagship store is an oasis of tranquility among the busy city bustle.
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A friendly TrichoKare specialist greeted me with a warm smile and ushered me to one of the consultation rooms. As it was my first visit to TrichoKare, the Senior Trichologist first explained that she will need to understand my lifestyle habits before she could start with the actual consultation and i was asked to fill up a questionnaire.
Just a little tidbit to share. A common misconception is a Trichologist is a term for someone working at Trichokare. This is a total fallacy !
A simple guide: Trichologist is to hair what a dermatologist is to skin!
My TrichoKare Experience
Hair and Scalp Profile Analysis
 P1120847 P1120929 P1120917
Naturally, i was excited to know more about my hair and scalp condition. After a thorough check of my hair and scalp with their ‘ultra-high tech’ machines, I saw the state of my hair and scalp up close and personal x 10000 !
P1120921 P1120912
The verdict:
My hair was basically strong and healthy. The strands are thicker than most girls, (guess all those product trials with SunSilk and Kiehl’s helped huh?) but horrors of all horrors, there are presence of built up dead skin cells. I used a clarifying shampoo weekly, however, it does not seems that effective.

A look at how healthy hair look like. The images are magnified 200 times.
Consultation & Recommendation of Treatments
I was obviously horrified but luckily the consultant told me that my condition can be easily remedied with a scalp purification scalp mask, a botanical hair wash followed by a Head massage therapy and Oxygen therapy. How was it ? Read on and find out!

Scalp Purification Scalp Mask
Application of Purifying mask on my scalp to remove the buildup and exfoliate so my scalp can breathe easily and ensure healthy regrowth
What does it consist of? Only dead sea mud and minerals that helps to nourish the scalp skin and lift the nasty and ugly dead skin cells far far away from my scalp.

Trichokare Signature Botanical Hair wash
Lynn, my Trichokare Therapist ensured that i feel comfortable and cosy and that the water temperature was just right for me before proceeding to wash my hair.

Trichokare Botanical Hair wash consists of a lovely blend of the most natural extracts of  jojoba, nestle, rosemary, burdock and peppermint. Needless to say, they are brilliant for the hair.
I love love love the Botanical Hair wash!! It’s so refreshingly and amazingly therapeutic. You could simply breathe and inhale the therapeutic goodness that’s so calming and soothing for your senses.  After washing my hair, Lynn applied the signature Intensive Botanical Essence to seal in the moisture to ensure i step out with soft luscious hair.
Application of serum treatment
But what really left me feeling like I was walking on clouds was the marvellous massage for my scalp, head and neck. It is so relaxing and absolutely divine. Gosh! I feel like I’m a princess with all this pampering!
O2 Therapy
The oxygen are infused into my scalp to keep my tresses alive and breathing . Can you see the streams of air from the oxygen hair therapy? Its really a calm and relaxing experience!

Blow drying and natural styling

                  P1120907 P1120906
See how soft and silky, shiny and glossy my hair is !
Some TrichoKare special Christmas set to keep your tresses looking good in between treatments

P1120925 P1120926
Of course, simply reading about my experience is not enough, you have to experience it yourself !
Only for all readers of Beaute Runway, TrichoKare is offering FREE Anti-Hair Fall Therapy for the first 150 lucky readers ! 
Simply be a Fan on Beaute Runway on FaceBook and comment on the wall why you love Beaute Runway and Register for your treatment now !


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