07 December 2009


Kanebo Warehouse Sale is from 9th to 11th December at 16 Raffles Quay, Hong Leong Building, level 16 -02 at 10.30am to 6.30pm. Enjoy fabulous discounts on make up and skincare under Kanebo Group .
Kanebo Cosmetics  range in Singapore includes Lunasol, Coffret D'or, Impress, Blanchir, Faircrea, Sensai, Raphaie and Kate. Lots of base makeup, powder, lipsticks and skincare would be available .
Happy Hauling ! Not sure if any other items were be  available, will update later tomorrow.
As of 4.23 pm, 9th Dec, lots of stuff sold out but not sure if they will replenish tomorrow. Will update if any news again

Update :
Lunasol - Sheer contrast eyes 04 & 05 .ALL SOLD OUT.
Lunasol Powder : SOLD OUT
Lunasol Modelling Water liquid foundation : $20 Limited colours & stocks like CC01, CC02 and CC04 and Y003 left
Full glamour lips, gloss  : $15, $12 Lots of nice colours
Lip essence Day :$10 (2 version, 1 old and 1 new with SPF) ALL SOLD OUT
Cheek/eye shadow brush Medium/small :$35/$20/$18 Cheek SOLD OUT
Makeup sponge, powder puff :$6
Nuance change foundation concealer : $15
Eyebrow Kit : $25
Pencil Eyeliner(case & refill) :$15
Liquid eyeshadow refill : $8
contrasting lip liner , nail color. lots of 2 way cake ($20 to $30)

Impress – Liquid Foundation, Cream Foundation  $40
Highlighter : $25 ( Very pale pink and pale beige brown)
Filter and corrector : $30
Coffret D'or - SA eyes 02,03,04,05 - $20 ALL SOLD OUT
Star dazzling liner ( BG02)  $8,
Gel liner (BR-33 & GY-05) $12 , GY-O5 left 1, BR-33 about 18
Coffret D’or Lipstick $15
Nail color $6 
Beauty lasting 2-way ($15), beauty lasting LF ($15), Compact case ($10), stick concealer ($12), Mascara, eye liner case and refill (Testimo), lip liner $6 ,

Kate - Powder gel liner $12, Old gel liner $10, Gel Eye Shadow $10, Diamond cuts eyes (GN1, PK1) – SOLD OUT and other Eye Shadow Palettes SOLD OUT $10 , cheek $10, Super sharp liner BR-1 $10, Lipstick $10, liquid foundation ($12), powder, mascara base $10,

The room is rather spacious and not very packed. There are about 6 long tables. CASH ONLY. Unit 16-02.
Please credit if you are using any information on this entry. Cheers. Happy Hauling.


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