05 November 2009


Elizabeth Arden New Prevage Day Ultra Protection Anti-Aging Moisturizer SPF 30 PA++ would soon be launched in Asia. I felt honored to be one of the few bloggers in Asia to be  invited by Elizabeth Arden for their exclusive pre-launch preview of the latest addition to their award winning prestige Prevage Skin care line.

As an avid lover of Prevage, i have first tried it when they were launched in 2006 and haven't look back since ! Prevage Face and Prevage Eye are 2 products that i love. Prevage is a treatment that does it all, addressing major anti-aging concerns with proven results.

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Prevage Skin care range have grown from Prevage Face to the Prevage Eye , Prevage Night, Prevage White Concentrated Brightening Serum, exclusively for Asia market, Prevage Body and finally the much awaited Prevage Day Ultra Protection Anti-Aging Moisturizer with SPF 30.

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What is so fantastic about Prevage that its have gone from strength to strength to increase their Prevage line and became the winner of best of beauty and winning several prestige awards.The key factor lies in the secret ingredient ~Idebenone. What is Idebenone ? Ladies familiar with dermalogists and plastic surgeons would have heard about it .
Idebenone is one of the most powerful  and effective proven antioxidants on the market today to protect against anti-aging and for smooth radiant glowly skin. Its actually an bioengineered verison of coenzyme Q10 that have the highest environmental protection factor.

In partnership with Allergan, Elizabeth Arden created an effective anti-aging formula with Idebenone being the key ingredient, Thiotaine, another potent anti-oxidant that work hand in hand with Idebenone, several UVA and UVB ray absorbers to help protect the skin from skin damaging UV rays and with Shea Butter and Advanced Moisture Complex to moisturize and lock in moisture deep within the surface layers of skin.

The new Prevage Day Ultra Protection Anti-aging Moisturizer is a powerful skin defender against free radicals, sun , pollution and environmental factors. Prevage Day is the first ever moisturizer with both high level SPF 30 and revolutionary Idebenone , proven as the most powerful and most effective anti-oxidant on the market, with amazing top EPF (Environmental Protection Factor) of 95+ out of 100 !

Prevage Day Ultra Protection Anti-aging Moisturizer SPF 30 promises and delivers intensely hydrated skin , reduces the appearance of age spots, freckles, fine lines and wrinkles, brighten and even out skin tone and texture, keep us well protected against visible signs of aging and of course sun and environmental pollutions. Its an absolutely amazing product !
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I tested Prevage Day on my hand. The natural color of Idebenone is a pale orange. Just a pea size is all you need for great skin . Gently massage it and within seconds you could see the back of my hand is hydrated immediately, skin is plumped up, looks clearer and more radiant glowly as compared to before application and definitely much smoother !

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Elizabeth Arden have generously sponsored the new Prevage Day Ultra Protection Anti-aging Moisturizer and Prevage Night Cream.  I would review both Prevage Day & Night after 7 days.
Thank you Elizabeth Arden for the invite and a very enjoyable evening.


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