23 July 2009


Uniqlo is launching their Fall/Winter Collection next month. I was honored to be given an opportunity to have a sneak preview of Uniqlo latest Collection as its one of my favourite brands when i was living in London. Love Uniqlo Cashmere Jumpers !

I am highly excited as i favour Fall/Winter collection usually as i like the style and the type of materials used. Uniqlo’s Fall/Winter collection consist of using merino wool, fannel, Uniqlo signature fleece, cotton and also Down for their trendy colourful designs. Fannel and fleece are great for slightly cool weather in air-conditioned places.

My favourite in Uniqlo’s collection is the Merino Wool Cardigan as Merino wool is an unique material that keep you warm in cold weather and keep you cool in hot weather. Brilliant !

As i love to travel during winter and to temperate countries, Uniqlo’s new ultra light down bomber jacket is a must have. What's brilliant is that its less than half the weight of a normal down jacket and coupled with Uniqlo slim flattering cut , its amazing light and slimming. A must have for travelling as its light to carry and wouldn't take up all your luggage space.

An array of trendy slim designs and different types of material in your favourite colours suitable for Singapore weather and at highly affordable prices, what more could we ask for ? Look out for Uniqlo’s 2009 Fall/Winter Collection next month.

Cheers Uniqlo !


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