02 July 2009


Louis Vuitton Flagship Boutique at ION Orchard is Louis Vuitton's 1st and largest global store in Southeast Asia. Besides its largest and most comprehensive flagship boutique in Champs-Élysées, Singapore is the 2nd in the world to showcase Louis Vuitton's full range of products, including its signature leather goods, luxurious watches and fashion staples.
The Press have a sneak preview of Louis Vuitton ultra swanky architectural duplex, showcasing specially designed commemorative items for its grand opening, produced in limited quantities among the full range of collections. VIP customers were also invited today. It is officially opened to the public on 3rd July.LV 01Snaking queues were seen as consumers rushed to buy the latest collection. What Recession ? It doesnt exist in Singapore,a popular hub for luxurious brands. LV02 lv04


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