12 October 2021

Just Produce Salads & Vegetables by Achisen, Singapore Urban Farm - 2021 Made with Passion

Just Produce by Achisen, Singapore Urban Farm Just Harvest rapid deployable solution offers Just Salad Zesty Mustard, Just Salad Mesclun Tangy Sorrel, Just Salad Crunchy Classics, Just Ice Plant, Just Sorrel, Just Mustard, Just Crunchy Lettuce with No pesticides, preservatives or genetic modification.

Grown right here in Singapore in a climate- controlled environment for quality consistency and recently selected as one of Singapore's Made with Passion brand in 2021, Just Produce brings the original natural taste of vegetables in its freshest, most nutritious and flavourful goodness with a hint of Himalayan Pink Salt, Wasabi and Lemon,  bringing the farm to table dining experience to an exceptional diimension.

Just Ice Plant is a succulent vegetable that is grown in Himalayan Pink Salt, giving it a crunchy, juicy and unique salty flavour. Totally addictive or add to any food.

Just Sorrel contains fresh red veined sorrel, a rosette forming perennial with a refreshing tangy taste and a tinge of lemon sourness. The Just Mesclun Tangy Sorrel complements potato gratin, potato soup and fatty fishes like salmon.

Just Mustard contains fresh mustard greens that gives you a crispy bite with an intense wasabi-like flavour. Try Just Salad Zesty Mustard which includes a selection of lettuce, kale and mustard is a great combination on its own and goes well with fish and eggs for a more substantial meal.

Just Crunchy Lettuce is creamy with a sweet crunchy juicy bite and is a perfect match with burgers and sandwiches. 

Just Mesclun Crunchy Classics with lettuce and chard is crunchy and juicy with a hint of sweetness and very versatile for any dish.

Retailers, caterers and restaurants, please contact sales@justproduce.sg for bulk purchase packaging.

Just Produce fresh salads and vegetables are available for online purchase and delivery on NTUC Fairprice, AirAsia Grocer, Amazon Fresh,  Shopee, redmart, Urban Tiller, open taste,  foodXervices, mogu shop, Peter's Butchery, Urban Origins, Singapore Food United, Greenies, treatsure, octo rocket, Lfresh,  caterspot and in stores at The V;llage, Little Farms and Hao by Eccellente Supermarkets.

Prioritize sustainable living, reduce food waste and purchase fruits vegetables clearances sale, visit UglyFood and for bulk order Sales@uglyfood.com.sg and Just Produce salads and vegetables may be available from time to time.

If you would like to support Singapore local farm produce like Eggs, Vegetables, Mushroom, Ginseng, Beans Sprouts, Fish and Seafood, Frogs and Goat's Milk, visit Singapore Food Agency

Be part of Sustainable Living - Singapore Green Plan 2030, a whole-of-nation movement to advance Singapore's national agenda on sustainable development.


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