08 September 2011


BK SHOTS™  Marinara Fish and Crispy Onion Beef, the 2 new limited edition additions to the popular BK Shots Burgers are introduced today. The scrumptious bite size burgers can be spilt into 2 easily and are perfect for sharing. BK Shots new flavours will be available for a limited time from 8th Sep – 12th October at all Burger King Singapore outlets.

BK Shots Marinara Fish and Crispy Onion Beef

Seasoned with new  BK  Italian  sauce on succulent  fish  fillet and melted American cheese paired with ketchup and creamy mayonnaise,  BK Shots Marinara bite-sized burger is a must try.

Burger King Marinara Fish BK Shots
Rejoice with BK Shots Crispy Onion Beef as   crispy onions and melted  American  cheese on  juicy  100%  flame-grilled beef patty beckons the meat lovers.
Burger King Crispy Onion BK Shots
The BK SHOTS™ burgers are available now in four tasty flavors – Marinara Fish and Crispy Onion Beef (limited time from 8 Sep – 12 Oct) , Rodeo Beef and Spicy Chicken (Permanent menu) at  $2.50 each (ala carte) and $4.95 a meal (value meal with fries and drink) at all Burger King Singapore outlets.                                                                                                         


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