24 December 2010


BEING WOMAN is a woman community social group website dedicated to feature WOMAN’s Interest articles, including a panel of esteemed experts on womanhood & lifestyle issues. Enjoy exclusive membership privileges for members to enjoy irresistible shopping discounts & promotions with the Being WOMAN Membership Card and share the exclusivity of being a cosmopolitan woman in today’s society!

Being Woman

Interact with Esteemed Panel of EXPERTS to Get Enlightened on Life Issues! Send in your questions to Interact with BEING WOMAN panel of medical doctors, renowned lawyer and award winning female entrepreneurs for their professional advice and information!
Panel of Experts online :-
  • Dr David Loh on Aesthetic Medicine
  • Dr Sundardas D Annamalay on Alternative Medicine
  • Mr Samuel Seow on Legal Matters
  • Ms Merry Riana on WOMAN Success
  • Ms Eileen Lee on Beauty & Wellness
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Being WOMAN Singapore

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