16 September 2010


PHYSIOGEL™ – A moisturizing range prescribed by DERMATOLOGISTS Worldwide in 60 countries have been relaunched in Singapore. Available previously only at Clinics, its now sold at Watsons, Guardian, Unity/The Living Pharmacy, Nishino and Other Pharmacies.

Physiogel rehydratesGSK Management Beaute RunwayPhysiogel Range 

Physiogel™ Promises to Repair, Rehydrate and Revitalize Your Skin. Formulated with innovative Derma Membrane Structure (DMS) technology, it contains ceramides and other physiological lipids that mimic the lipids found within your skin unlike conventional moisturizers which replaces moisture temporarily.


  • REPAIRS Dehydrated skin naturally, relieving itch and dryness
  • REHYDRATES skin, locking in moisture for up to 3 days
  • REVITALISES skim, keeping it healthy
The Physiogel™ Range extensive Face and Body care range consists of : -
  • Physiogel™ Cleanser - Hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic soap free cleanser that cleanses, soothes and softens without drying the skin. Low foam formula that cleanses with or without water
  • Physiogel™ Lotion - Hypoallergenic, moisturizing lotion that provides physiological lipids in Derma Membrane Structure (DMS), a structure similar to the skin, hence revitalizing dry skin.  Suitable for dry and sensitive skin as its contains no colourants, perfume and preservatives
  • Physiogel™ Cream - Hypoallergenic, moisturizing cream that provides physiological lipids in Derma Membrane Structure (DMS), a structure similar to the skin, hence revitalizing dry skin. Contains physiological lipids to protect and restore healthy skin
  • Physiogel™ Al Sun Cream – Highly effective moisturising cream that offers broad spectrum UV protection as contains PEA with SPF 25 PA+++ and Tinosorb S, water resistant and help relieve dry senstitive skin.
Physiogel skincare
  • Physiogel™ Intensive Cream (Doctor’s Exclusive) – Hypollergenic, high lipid mositurising cream that provides lipids in the unqiue DMS base for long lasting hydration
  • Physiogel™ AI Cream (Doctor’s Exclusive) – Protect skin from free radicals,regenerate skin protective barrier and help relieves dry sensitive skin
  • Physiogel™ Shampoo Plus – Mild shampoo for cleansing dry and senstive scalp while keeping it moisturised.
  • Physiogel™ Shower Cream – Mild, Hypoallergenic shower cream formulated to gently cleanse dry sensitive skin
Physiogel Press CoveragePhysiogel Launch

At a recent Physiogel™ Bloggers Event that was held at Park Royal Hotel, Dr Mark Tang, Dermatologist from National Skin Centre touched on the causes of dry skin by Internal factors such as Genetics, Medical Conditions and Age and External factors like environment and exposure.

Dr Mark from National Skin CentreCauses of Dry Skin

Dr Mark also mention the signs of dry skin, how an Ideal moisturizer should work on our skin, the different types of moisturizers available in the market today, how to go about choosing a suitable moisturizer and application of moisturizers.

Dry Skin - signsIdeal Moisturiserchosing a moisturisertypes of moisturisersProblem with moisturiserdos and donts - moisturise

  • Restore the skin lipid layers by mimicking and enhancing the skin’s natural moisture retention mechanism
  • Hydrates the skin to reduce water loss and keep skin moisturized
  • Suitable for sensitive skin, hypo-allergenic, fragrance free and non-comedogenic
  • Provides long lasing moisturizing effect
different types f moisturisers5 things to look for in your moisturiser

Physiogel™™ is derived from natural sources and is clinically proven to last up to 3 days after last application. Cleanse and Care for your skin in 2 easy steps with Physiogel™.

Physiogel DMSMoisture lockPhysiogel CleansePhysiogel Care

Physiogel Cleanse : Face Cleanser, Shampoo Plus & Shower Cream
Physiogel Care : Lotion, Cream, AI Cream
Physiogel skincare

Physiogel™ have kindly sponsored 5 Physiogel™ goodie bags for Beaute Runway Readers !
Each Physiogel Goodie Bag Consists of :-
  • Cleanser
  • Lotion
  • Cream
  • AI Sun Cream
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Good Luck!

FREE Physiogel™ Travel Pack (Physiogel Cleanser 10ml, Physiogel Lotion & Cream Sachet) for Everyone ! All you have to do is to Register to redeem at Physiogel Counters at the listed Pharmacies.
Thank You Physiogel for the Invite and kind sponsorship !


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