09 May 2010


Are you amazed by my Dejavued Luscious Lashes ? SEE THE DIFFERENCE ? I am totally amazed how my non-existent short sparse lashes (see BEFORE picture) became long, curled and highly visible, creating luscious, lengthen, volumized and curled effect !!

I did not use any eye lash curler. Imagine the wonders of Déjàvu Mascaras if you have even longer lashes then mine ! Highly recommended !

VOTE for Beaute Runway NOW !

beaute runway dejavu lashesdejavu mascara side

Voting will end next week. Vote & you could WIN the New Dejavu Mascara Set worth $50.  

If I happen to be the Top 3 Winner, the prize would be the next giveaway. Do share with your friends this link and email me at beautyrunwayfans@gmail.com if the friends you have referred would like to join the next giveaway promotion.

Thanks a million for for your Support ! Cheers !


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