10 February 2010


I was invited to Hollywood Smile make over workshop, jointly organized by anti aging website, ReviewAntiAging.com with Orchard Scotts Dental for an intimate bloggers session to learn more about Aesthetic Dentistry, a popular trend in today’s society.

holloywood smile orchard scotts front dental beaute runwayhollywood makeover orchard scotts dental beaute runway

Anyone here is born with gorgeous Hollywood smile with shapely  lips revealing Tres white perfect pearlies ? You do ? Lucky you. Having a great smile and perfect looking teeth certainly makes a difference in yourself, in your life. You will feel happier as you are look more radiant naturally and feel more confident.

perfect smile orchard scotts dental beaute runwayThe Hollywood makeover workshop started with a tour at Orchard Scotts Dental, which is located in the heart of the city at Wheelock place, Singapore.
Dental Work room with equipments and laboratories materials for waxing up  shapes of the teeth to create moulds for various treatments.
Orchard Scotts Dental Teeth Moulding Room BEaute Runway
Mould 1- wax used for waxing up shapes of teeth and silicone putty keys of various dental moulds
Orchard Scotts Dental Teeth Mould 1 BEaute RunwayOrchard Scotts Dental Teeth Moulds  BEaute Runway
Relaxation Room to calm and relax your senses with comfortable leather massage chairs and soothing music
 Orchard Scotts Dental Relaxiation Room BEaute RunwayOrchard Scotts Dental Relaxiation armchair  Room BEaute Runway
Dental Surgical Room, Melag Class B autoclave (Sterilizer) , High Technology X-ray machine and you could view your teeth conditions immediately !
 orchard scotts dental surgical roomorchard scotts dental sterlize machineorchard scotts dental x ray machineorchard scotts dental x ray machine vieworchard scotts dental x ray view
Dental room with full leather lumbar support customized padded Dentist chair  and it’s so comfortable ! Orchard Scotts Dental team are so thoughtful and go the extra mile to make patients feel comfortable.
 orchard scotts dental comforty leather dentist chair orchard scotts dental comfortable dental chair beaute runway
Dr Ronnie Yap, President, Aesthetic Dental Society of Singapore, Adjunct lecturer at NUS, introduced us to the dedicated dental team, Dr Jerry Lim, Chairman of the Continuing Dental Education of The College of General Dental Practitioners with wealth of experience including lecturing regionally and Dr Gan SN, gum specialist and holistic dentistry.
orchard scotts dental introduction orchard scotts dental team
Next Clara and I were chosen for a temporary dental makeover and had moulds of our teeth made. More on the dental makeover later.
Dr Ronnie Yap gave an overview of the Aesthetic Dentistry available and explained to us 6 common concerns.
aesthetic denistry introduction orchard scotts dentalhollywood makeover teeth  orchard scotts dental beaute runway
Introduction of what makes a perfect smile
  • Proportioned Lips
  • Straight, white perfectly even teeth
  • Top teeth should show without too much gums and should meet lower teeth smoothly
perfect smile orchard scotts dental beaute runway
Teeth whitening
There are 2 types of teeth whitening, in-office whitening and take-home whitening. BriteSmile® is a popular in-office whitening.
BriteSmile® Whitening System is  a breakthrough patented blue-light technology that offers an effective and naturally whiter, brighter brilliant smile in just 1 hour! 
Brite smile orchard scotts dental beaute runway
BriteSmile works by

  • Applying patented whitening gel to your teeth and the revolutionary, patented BriteSmile® blue wavelength light will be positioned over your teeth to activate the gel

  • As you relaxed in the dentist chair, your teeth will lighten and your natural whiteness will be restored in just 1 hour through a completely safe process of oxidation.

  • BriteSmile® is clinically proven to improve oral health while whitening up to 14 shades brighter.

  • The BriteSmile® procedure is completely safe and will not damage enamel or existing fillings.
For optimized and long lasting results, take home whitening kit with customized dental trays are recommended for maintenance.
brite smile orchard scotts dental beaute runwaybrite smile  dental tray orchard scotts dental beaute runway
Replacement of mercury fillings with porcelain ones that are the same colour as your teeth, hence more natural look.
onlays  orchard scotts dental beaute runway
Smile Makeovers
Veneers are used to whiten and lengthen damaged teeth generally. However, Veneers can also be used to beautify a smile by elongating a millimeter or so.
hw 0 makeoverhw makeover dental aesthetic makeover patientdental makeover patient
To achieve straighter teeth, fixed braces (commonly known as railroad tracks), removable braces and Invisible braces are used.
The latest trend is Invisalign® which helps you to straighten your teeth without bands, brackets or wires ! Brilliant !
invisalign orchard scotts dental beaute runway invisalign orchard scotts dental beaute runway 01invisalign orchard scotts dental beaute runway 02invisalign orchard scotts dental beaute runway 04invisalign orchard scotts dental beaute runway 03invisalign orchard scotts dental beaute runway 0

  • Invisible braces are “plastic” trays that you use to straighten your teeth

  • Change them every two weeks and your teeth will move, little by little towards the straighter teeth

  • Comfortable, Convenient and Removable

  • Simply remove before eating and brushing/flossing to keep your teeth and gums healthy

  • Volia ! Straighter even teeth between 7 months to 18 months, results varies with individual.
invisalign results orchard scotts dental beaute runway
Beauty often comes with a price, Invisalign® is more expensive than normal rail track braces but i do think its worth it !
holloywood smile invisalign orchard scotts dental beaute runwayOrchard Scotts dental is awarded as one of the Top Invisalign® Platinum provider, meaning that they have extensive experience in Invisalign® treatments. You know you are in good hands if you choose them !
Due to time constraint, Dr Jerry Lim could only do the temporary Hollywood Makeover for me instead of both Clara and I. Dr Jerry Lim lengthen my top teeth with veneers to create elongated whiter teeth instantly and Voila !
holloywood smile orchard scotts dental beaute runway 01holloywood smile orchard scotts dental beaute runway 02holloywood smile orchard scotts dental beaute runway afterholloywood smile orchard scotts dental beaute runway before n afterholloywood smile orchard scotts dental beaute runway
Look at my picture perfect Hollywood Smile revealing more of my top teeth for the perfect smile ! Brilliantly gorgeous, I do feel happier, more confident and kept flashing my new smile at the photo sessions in my sponsored Jayson Brunsdon dress (Retailing at S$498, available exclusively at Jayson Brunsdon Boutique at #02-47 Wisma Atria). If only these veneers are for good.
Lovely tea from Sun Moulin, Bread Society with tea and juices.
orchard scotts dental lovely teabread  society berries tarts bread societycheese and bay tomatoes
Group pictures with the bloggers and the friendly Orchard Scotts Dental Team.
orchard scotts dental beaute runway group picorchard scotts dental team beaute runway
Thanks Dr. Ronnie Yap and Dr Jerry Lim for an enriching and wonderful afternoon.
Orchard Scotts Dental is located at #05-08 Wheelock Place and provides comprehensive dental care from cleansing, extraction, BriteSmile®, Invisalign® to elaborate options like veneers and dental implants.


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