07 January 2010


I was invited to a Facial Remodelling Workshop jointly organized by anti aging website, ReviewAntiAging.com with Z Medical Aesthetics at Paragon. I am very excited to find out more about Aesthetic, Botox® and fillers as its  highly popular and a rising trend in today’s society.
Dr Z, the cute aesthetic doctor gave an introduction on Facial Remodelling and other medical aesthetics treatments. Dr Z’s wife is a dermatologist based in Manila who counts socialites and celebrities as well as office workers and home makers as her patients. In Manila there are thousands of Aesthetics doctors with competitive pricing. To keep certain treatments like liposuction more affordable, Dr Z could recommend reliable and professional doctors to patients who chose to fly over.
Facial Remodelling
Facial remodelling is enhancing your features with the use of Botox® and Juvederm® to contour and define your face shape and specific areas like nose bridge, under eyes, cheekbones, lip and chin.
Moreover, fillers are completely natural as its made from hylauronic acid, which is found naturally in our body. In fact lots of skin care brands uses it in their over the counter products but in minimal and less concentrated amount as only doctors or trained aesthetics are able to administer a higher percentage for filler injections to define and contour facial features.
P1130265 P1130271
What is so fantastic about Facial Remodelling that makes it so popular  and trendy ?
Naturally enhanced features with absolutely no downtime, non-invasive and non-surgical ! Simple nip in for less than an hour and you are ready to paint the town red in your best !
P1130276 P1130275
Botox® administered in small amount helps to reduce the appearance of  crow’s feet, frown and forehead lines, brow lift, and facial contouring for a more defined face shape.
Fillers only acts to plump up the skin in areas needed like achieving a higher nose bridge, prominent cheekbones, lessen laugh lines, plumper lip and sharper chin.
However, all good things comes to an end in a few months as it’s non-surgical hence not permanent .  A rough gage for Botox® treatments are  approximately 4 to 6 months while fillers ranges anything from 4 to 18 months , depending on your lifestyle. This is the flexibility fillers and Botox® offers. I think its a pretty neat idea as our facial shape changes as we aged and we don't want to look as if we had plastic surgery done.
The highlight was live demonstration of Facial Remodeling on 2 models !
Facial Remodelling on 1st model
Dr Z proposed Juvederm® injections to define her nose bridge, plump up her laugh lines, sharper chin definition and Botox® to contour her jaw line for a slimmer face shape.
Firstly, Dr Z mapped the portion of the face requiring facial definition. Next an ice pack is applied on the area to numb the skin before  injection of Botox® for the jaw line.
P1130282 P1130283 P1130284 P1130285
Dr Z worked on achieving a more defined nose bridge by injecting Juvederm®
P1130286 P1130287
Next he shaped her nose bridge by remodelling the injected fillers to ensure proper distribution to create a natural shape.
Dr Z then applied Juvederm® on her laugh lines to soften her facial expression.
Next Dr Z reshaped the laugh lines area and ensure no lumpiness of fillers to create a comfortable natural look with less defined laugh lines.
P1130295 P1130296
Finally, Dr Z injected a tiny amount of Juvederm® for a more prominent chin and remodelling to complete the beautifully defined face.
P1130301 P1130302 P1130309 P1130307
Facial Remodelling on 2nd Model
Dr Z proposed Juverderm® injections to define her nose bridge and nose shape and Botox® at the sides of her face to contour her jawline for a slimmer look
She looked a bit nervous at first but was giggling next as it wasn't painful as she had expected. Dr Z proceeded to Botox on her jawline after mapping and numbing the area.
P1130319 P1130321
Next Dr Z administered Juvederm® to her nose bridge, remodelled and reshaped her nose for a defined natural look.
P1130323 P1130326 P1130327P1130331
Notice the higher, more defined nose bridge and natural nose shape and the much sharper face shape ? Looks great !
P1130278 P1130334
It was my second time in witnessing Botox® and fillers administration. The first was accompanying my friend to another Aesthetic Doctor. Just my personal thoughts, I felt that Dr Z is more approachable and friendly who gives honest constructive opinions. There is a personal touch in him if you know what i mean. If you are looking to enhance and define your features, i would highly recommend Dr Z for a consultation.
Read more about Z Aesthetic and their extensive list of treatments from Intensive Pulse Light to acne and of course Botox® and Fillers.


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