11 August 2009


How long can your gel extension last ? 2 weeks ? 1 month ? Well, my gel extension lasted 2 months ! Thanks to Lily of MagicNail at PureColor Studio Studio for doing a brilliant job. I only touched up once in 2 month as it still look great. Read about my first gel extension and infill touchup .
However, its time for a change as my own nails have grown perfectly well underneath my gel extension so i made an appointment with Lily.
As my nails have grown nicely, Lily filed away most of the gel extension and after cleaning my nails, she applied a clear gel base on my nails. I chose a shimmery silver gel with hints of green. Lily applied the gel meticiously and shone my nails under the UV light after each layer. Lily then applied some reflective sequins.
For the nail art, she drew a summer flower on my right hand and a lovely pink ribbon and topped it with a lilac pearl on my left hand. Isnt it sweet ?


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