10 May 2009


It has been some time since I cut my hair. I felt that my hair was too dense and out of shape. I am very particular about my hair and have been looking for a professional, reliable hair stylist. I was rather impressed with Lucus from PureColor Studio who styled my hair for Maybelline Pure Minerals Launch Party

One look and he worked his magic on me. I always believe if a stylist can style my hair nicely when it is in bad shape, he/she can do a good job in cutting my hair. So I made an appointment for a haircut with Lucus. Further, I could utilize the Pure Colour Gift card.

When I arrived, the stylists greeted me warmly with a smile and offered to put my handbag in my own private locker. Fresh fruits and drinks were served. Lucus, the Creative director came over and felt the texture of my hair before proceeding to explain the style that he will cut for me. Sounds good !

The junior stylist then helped me with the robe and brought me to wash my hair for me. Before proceeding, he made sure that I was comfortable and asked if the water temperature was alright for me. Nice touches so far. Ah, and also a lovely head massage. I felt so relaxed.

After drying my hair, Lucus came around and started to work his magic on me. Snip! Snip! Snip! I felt my head was getting lighter ! He gave me more volume on areas that I need and my face instantly look slimmer ! Wow ! He then blow-dry and styled my hair.

I like my new hairstyle a lot. My face looked slimmer, feel lighter, happier with a new style. I'm glad that I made the right choice and felt more confident with my new hairstyle.

Lucus or other stylists didn’t ask me to purchase any products at all, a vast difference from some salons that would recommend a whole lot of products for the customer to buy. Which I think they are pretty decent as least they are not pushy about buying hair stuff. I hate it when the stylist recommends me some $40 shampoo along with conditioner, hair mask, treatment lotion etc when I'm happy with my $10 shampoo. Neither did they try to psycho me with some package like other salons !

I’ll definitely be back.


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